Gemsec to the rescue on DIY SOS

Gemsec help DIY SOS Bristol 2017

Gemsec to the rescue on DIY SOS

For five years, 24-year-old Ryan Pollard had no choice but to remain at a rehab centre in Gloucestershire, forcing his parents, Rachel and Dave, to undertake a one-hundred mile round trip on public transport every time they wanted to see him.

Now, thanks to an episode of BBC One’s DIY SOS and a record number of local businesses willing to participate (including Gemsec), the Pollards can finally welcome Ryan home.

“We’ve all got families but the idea that suddenly your son can’t come home is horrific,” said the programme’s presenter, Nick Knowles, in a recent interview with the Bristol Post. “Two hours in each direction, Rachel used to get a bus, a train, a bus and then walk several miles each end. She did that there and back in a single day.”

Gemsec's Martin Weeks helps DIY SOS Bristol 2017

Gemsec’s very own Martin Weeks doing a great job supervising (as usual!)

The Gemsec team were delighted to be given the chance to join fellow Bristol businesses and play a major role in the £180,000 project, having supplied both our time and a low-energy automatic door operator free of charge.

The renovation was a challenging project that was finished in a mere nine days. Beyond our automatic door operator, every single room was transformed, and despite the number of trades involved, everyone pulled together to keep the job masterfully ahead of time (unusual for DIY SOS, we’re sure you’ll agree!).

Once finished, we joined hundreds of workmen, neighbours and suppliers during the unveiling of the completed project, and none of us will forget the Pollards’ reaction; it had clearly transformed their lives.

The ‘reveal’ was particularly poignant, because as Knowles explains, “The Pollards weren’t a family, that’s the point. They couldn’t be a family because they couldn’t bring their son home.”

Few parents will be able to contemplate a scenario where one of their children is unable to return home from hospital – particularly when the requirement is to completely alter the house in order to cater for his needs. No one budgets for that kind of thing, which is why DIY SOS certainly lived up to it’s name in this instance.

The device we installed during the makeover provides Ryan with easy access in and out of his home’s front door via a remote transmitter fob.

Check out an example of the automatic door in action.

The Gemsec team configured the door so that it allows Ryan plenty of time to get through, before automatically closing behind him and engaging the multi-point locking mechanism. The ease with which the system operates and its inherent security has made the automatic door operator a vital addition to many of our customers’ homes.

We’d like to thank DIY SOS and the Pollards for being given the opportunity to be involved in this life-changing project. We won’t forget it!

You can catch The Big Build – Bristol on DIY SOS, Thursday 29th June at 9pm (or thereafter on iPlayer).


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